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Whiskas Adult Dry Cat Food | whiskas basah sachet

Whiskas is a brand of wet cat food that is popular in the United States. It is manufactured by Mars, Incorporated, a corporation based in the United States that specialises in the production of pet food and pet care products. The company was established in 1931 and has been in the business of supplying cat food since 1950.

It is touted as being nutritionally complete and professionally developed for kittens to adult cats of various types and sizes, including those that are pregnant or nursing.

The whiskas sachet contains chicken as the primary ingredient, with the following additional ingredients: water, rice starch, wheat flour, animal fat (preserved with BHA), fish protein hydrolysate (a source of fish oil), salt, minerals (calcium carbonate, sodium chloride), vitamins (vitamin A acetate; vitamin D3 supplement; vitamin E supplement), and preservatives (BHA, BHT).

In relation to this item

Made with high-quality ingredients and nutrition for pet cats, these crunchy chunks are packed with real fish/chicken flavour. They are backed by research done by the Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition.
The cat’s vital system is supported by a unique combination of nutrients.

A well-balanced cat food that, when eaten properly, can help prevent obesity in cats and can be given to cats as a reward. • For cat breeds ranging from Persian Cat, British Shorthair, and Siamese Cat. • Provides adult cats with a lustrous coat, improved eye sight, and increased energy.

What Not to Feed Your Cat How to Feed Your Cat Correctly

  • Baby food and excessive milk might result in loose/watery faeces.
    Raw eggs cause hair loss and a poor hair coat; onion and garlic harm red blood cells and induce anaemia; fish/chicken bones can cause tooth decay and tears in the digestive system.
    Her heart and nervous system are affected by chocolate. Uncooked meat and human food can be inadequate or even dangerous for her.
    Why am I unable to feed her anything I eat or prepare?
  • Cats require extremely high levels of protein in their meals, as well as certain nutrients such as taurine.
  • Due to their nature as obligate carnivores, cats rely on meat for the majority of their nutritional requirements.
    -Cats’ nutritional needs are frequently not met by home-prepared foods.

How Much Whiskas (Dry Food) Should You Feed Your Cat Each Day?

  • cat weight (1-2 kg): 20-35 g/day
  • cat weight (2-3 kg): 35-45 g/day
  • cat weight (3-4 kg): 45-55 g/day
  • cat weight (1-2 kg): 20-35 g/day
    cat weight (4-5 kg): 55-65 g/day for a cat of this size

Approximately how many packets of Whiskas should I give to my cat?

Experts agree that providing 3-5 pouches of food everyday is sufficient to fulfil your cat’s appetite and give her with adequate nutrition. Of course, each cat is unique, and the exact number will depend on a variety of factors, including your cat’s age, weight, breed, and degree of activity, among others.

What caused Whiskas to be discontinued?

Because some of the raw ingredients did not match the manufacturer’s “stringent internal quality criteria,” according to its parent firm, Mars Petcare Canada, the recall has been issued. Consumers who have purchased the recalled products are being encouraged to throw away the food and stop feeding it to their dogs.

How many Whiskas pouches should a kitten eat each day?

In a mixed diet, feed your kitten three pouches of kitten wet food per day, or two pouches of kitten wet food and twenty-five grammes of kitten dry food.

Is Whiskas a product of Purina, or a different company?

Whiskas (formerly known as Kal Kan) is a cat food brand that is sold all over the world. It is owned by the American corporation Mars, Inc.

What do you think about feeding your cat once a day?

The bottom line is as follows: However, after a cat reaches adulthood (about one year of age), eating once or twice a day is sufficient.

After a day of not feeding my cat, what happens?

Cats require nutrients in order to survive, which they obtain through food and water. If cats stop eating, or if they are unable to obtain food that has enough protein, this can result in hepatic lipidosis, a liver ailment that can be fatal if left untreated for an extended period of time.

What if I only have 2 pouches of cat food left over?

It is generally agreed that most typical cats should consume between two and four pouches each day on average. Depending on whether your cat is underweight or whether it is a particularly large breed, this number can rise to five.


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Technical Details

Manufacturer‎Mars Petcare (Thailand) Co Ltd
Country of Origin‎Thailand
Imported By‎Mars International India Pvt Ltd, Survey No. 2099 – 2103, Village Wargal, Siddipet Highway, Distt. Medak – 502279, Telangana, India; Number – 1800 407 11 21 21/+91 84523 06691/92
Item model number‎10226853
Product Dimensions‎39.2 x 32.2 x 25.6 cm; 1.2 Kilograms

Additional Information

ManufacturerMars Petcare (Thailand) Co Ltd, Mars Petcare (Thailand) Co Ltd, 799 MOO 4, Chantuk, Pakchong, Nakorn Ratchasima 30130, Thailand , +66 44- 310500
ImporterMars International India Pvt Ltd, Survey No. 2099 – 2103, Village Wargal, Siddipet Highway, Distt. Medak – 502279, Telangana, India; Number – 1800 407 11 21 21/+91 84523 06691/92
Item Weight1 kg 200 g
Item Dimensions LxWxH39.2 x 32.2 x 25.6 Centimeters
Net Quantity1200.0 gram
Included ComponentsWhiskas Adult Cat Food Chicken, 1.2 kg Pack
Generic NameCat Food

Other table

Product NameWhiskas Gravy PouchesSheba CansSheba PouchesSheba MeltyWhiskas Dry Pack ( Kitten)Whiskas Gravy Pack (Kitten)
FlavourSalmon in Gravy, Tuna in jelly, Chicken in Gravy, Ocean Fish, Fish Selection (Salmon, Coley, Tuna, Whitefish), Whitefish in GravySucculent Chicken Breast in Gravy, Tuna & Prawn in Gravy, Tuna Filets in JellyFish Mix (Skipjack & Salmon), Fish with Sasami, Fish Mix (Maguro & Bream), Fish with Dry Bonito FlakeTuna & Tuna-Seafood, Katsuo & Katsuo-Salmon, Chicken & Chicken-Whitefish, TunaChicken & Tuna, Tuna Flavour, Ocean Fish Flavour, Ocean Fish, Chicken Flavour, Mackerel Flavour, Ocean Fish with MilkSalmon in Gravy, Tuna in jelly, Chicken in Gravy
Product FormatGravy PouchGravy PouchGravy PouchGravy PouchDry PouchGravy Pouch
Key BenefitComplete & Balanced FoodDelicate fish pieces in tasty gravyFeast of flakes for catsFeed by hand snackComplete & Balanced FoodComplete & Balanced Food
Life stageAdultAdultAdultAdultKittenKitten
Suitable forAll BreedsAll BreedsAll BreedsAll BreedsAll BreedsAll Breeds
SizePack of 6 , Pack of 12 and Pack of 48Pack of 4 CansPack of 12 PouchPack of 4480gm , 1,2kg , 3kg and 7 kg packsPack of 6 , Pack of 12 and Pack of 48

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