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6 Things to Think About Before Buying a Bird

What should I do first?

First and foremost, we must evaluate the following:

What am I able to afford?

A parrot’s price varies greatly depending on its kind. For example, a buggy may be purchased for less than ten dollars. The cost of a cockatiel is between $25 and $35. An Amazonian parrot and a grey parrot may be acquired for around 300–400 dollars, a cockatoo for 1,000 dollars, and the price of some parrots can approach $15,000 dollars.

This is one of the first questions you’ll be asked, and you’ll have to respond to it.

What kind of room will the bird require?

Larger birds, and even some of the smaller ones, are quite physically active and require large cages and plenty of room to run around in.

Is there any spare time for the bird to fly around?

This is, without a doubt, the most crucial question. Birds are very clever, playful, and, for the most part, “sociable” creatures to be around. Will you be able to spend some quality time with your bird? How do you take adequate care of it? Will it have the opportunity to become a member of your family?

Consider the fact that birds have a rather lengthy lifespan. A cockatiel, a little parrot, may live for up to 20 years or more! The Amazona, or African grey parrot, may live for 50 to 60 years, and there have been reported occurrences of birds that have survived to the venerable age of 100 years or more! Are you able to commit your time to this?

It is not uncommon for birds to be passed down from generation to generation. If you believe that you will soon become bored with your bird, don’t purchase one.

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What is the bird’s level of commotion? Will the neighbours raise their voices?

Think About Before Buying a Bird
Rose Ringed Parrot Pair Loving.

Budgies and cockatiels, on the other hand, are rather quiet. They are perfect for caring for in a small apartment.

If you have neighbours around you and six floors above and below you who enjoy listening to screams and breaking their eardrums, you may live in an apartment building with a Moluxco cockatoo.

The African Grey Parrot is known for being one of the least loud of the parrot species. Yes, there are variances between individuals in terms of avian behaviour. It’s possible that there are cockatoos in paradise that don’t make a lot of noise. In the event that such a thing were to be discovered, an innovative individual could make a fortune from it.

It’s important to remember that noise is a subjective and relative experience. A bird may only be called “non-noisy” when it is in the background of another species that is believed to be noisy.

What kind of “devastation” may a bird cause?

Do you have an unrivaled collection of antique furniture? Do you collect rare books? It’s important to remember that these birds have powerful beaks. They all nibble, though some are more willing than others to do so. Nibbling is fully normal behavior for them.

Is there anything specific that the parrot should eat?

For example, Lory parrots, for example, require a unique type of nutrition. Do you have the opportunity and resources to make this happen? Once you have completed your preliminary research and determined the type of parrot you want, you can go out and find it and purchase it. It is never, ever OK to purchase a parrot on impulse!

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