Buying a Home as a Pet Owner
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Buying a Home as a Pet Owner? Things You Should Look for

If you are a dog owner living in a rented apartment, you must be aware of the various challenges you face while living with a dog. The main challenge that most owners complain about is the lack of space for the dog, which makes the dog lethargic. If you have decided to buy a house, then you have the power to choose a home that fits the requirements of both you and your pet. Hence, here are a few things you should keep in mind while looking for a house suitable for you and your fur buddy.

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1. Prefer to Buy a Stand-Alone Home:

If your budget permits, look for a stand-alone home rather than an apartment. These homes come with a backyard where your dog can enjoy the outdoors. Apartment life is not suitable for several dogs, especially the large breeds. This is why reputed breeders also often let a family buy a large breed dog only after understanding the house where it will be kept. They strictly discourage people from purchasing large-breed dogs if they are apartment dwellers. This is why you should prefer to buy a stand-alone home.

Another issue with an apartment is the additional responsibility on you. You must walk your dog several times a day to relieve itself. If you are an office goer or a busy person, it becomes tough to juggle work and taking care of the pet. If you skip walks, then the dog has all the pent-up energy that can make it destructive inside the house. On the other hand, if you have a yad inside the home, then your dog can easily play there and burn all the energy. Hence you need to give your dog lesser time, and it becomes easy to manage the dog. You do have to walk your dog, but the frequency can be reduced.

2. Seek a Pet-Friendly Neighborhood:

Not all neighborhoods are the same when it comes to being pet friendly. A few of them are much better than others in terms of living with a dog. Find a house in a lane where there are other pet parents too, which makes it easier for you and the pet to fit in. Also, find out if there is a pet park nearby as you would not want to drive to a far-away area to find a pet park. The locality needs to have more green areas for the dog to play around. Also, the neighbors should be comfortable around the pet if you wish to let your dog off-leash more often.

3. Make Sure the Size is Enough for the Family:

You are buying a house where you intend to live for many years. This means you cannot compromise on the size of the house. It needs to have enough space for your family members and the dog as well. Dogs can be destructive if they are kept in a smaller home, as they do not have much space to move around and burn their energy. Hence, get a house that is big enough for your entire family now and will not feel smaller when the family grows.

4. There is Good Outdoor Space:

Dogs are animals who need more outdoor time, especially if you have large dogs. A dog that has access to the outdoors is a happy dog that causes lesser destruction inside the house. Hence, make sure to get a house with large yard space. Not just the indoor space, you should consider a home that has enough outdoor space to play fetch with the dog.

5. The Yard is Fenced:

When looking for a new house, as a dog owner, your concern should also be the safety of the dog. Not just a large backyard is enough, but it needs to be fenced carefully. The height of the fence should be enough, and it should be strong as well. If you find a house that needs better fencing, then it is still not a deal breaker if you can adjust the terms of the sale. Putting up a stronger fence can be done by you as well before you move into the house. But you must keep this in mind while looking for a house, as it will help you negotiate a better deal.

6. Keep the Climate in Mind:

You also need to consider the climate of the area where you are moving. If it is a place that is extremely hot during summers, then the home needs to be well equipped to keep the pet comfortable. Ensure it has a fully functioning HVAC system installed to handle both hot and cold months.

7. The Flooring Should be Right:

As a dog owner, you must look at the flooring type before buying a home. While hardwood floors are easy to clean, they can get scratched easily. Tiles can be a good option as it is easy to clean and maintain, but they can get really slippery for the dog, especially if it is an elderly dog. The best option with a dog can be carpet, as the dog can play inside the house as well without slipping, but it needs a continuous vacuum, especially if your dog sheds a lot and hence the floor is not easy to maintain. A mix of these flooring throughout the house should be the ideal option so that your dog can play in the carpeted area while the other areas which is tiled can be easily cleaned.

The Bottom Line:

Buying a house is a huge commitment that cannot be undone soon. It is ok to take more time to think about what really fits you and your family. Prioritizing your dog’s needs over yours is not the way to go. The home should be a reflection of your vision. You should incorporate the requirement of your family members and pet as well. You might have to compromise a few things if you fall in love with a house; hence, make an informed decision and do not make it in haste.

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